The 1 Second Film

Can a film really be 1 second long? Well, the 1 Second Film (which consists of 12 giant paintings in animated form) is – and what’s more, I’m part of the 11,996 people so far who will be listed in the credits as an Associate Producer. No, I’m not mega-rich – all you have to do is contribute a minimum of $1 and you’ll get your name rolling in the 90 minute credit strip (though the film is 1/90th that time!). People who are part of this project include celebrities like Kiefer Sutherland, Pierce Brosnan, Spike Jonze and Kevin Bacon (woohoo!! – full list of celebrity producers here), and it’s all for a good cause – all profits will go to the Global Fund for Women. The film is being directed by Nirvan Mullick, an animator who began this project over a year ago while still in film school. Details here.

This is my second contribution to a crowd-funded film, after Oscar and Jim last year. I think it’s pretty cool!

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