Apple’s iPad

Easily THE tech news event of last week, the release of Apple’s iPad led to already vocal people being even more vociferous with their opinions, the Apple fanboys salivating with pleasure, and everyone else forced to have some sort of opinion about it one way or the other. And that includes me. Where I work,… More Apple’s iPad

The 1 Second Film

Can a film really be 1 second long? Well, the 1 Second Film (which consists of 12 giant paintings in animated form) is – and what’s more, I’m part of the 11,996 people so far who will be listed in the credits as an Associate Producer. No, I’m not mega-rich – all you have to… More The 1 Second Film

Prepare for the war with the giant robotic bees

One of the paragraphs from comedian Frankie Boyle’s autobiography, titled ‘My Shit Life So Far‘, that made me laugh out loud: Nowadays, the curriculum in primary schools is to be revamped so that children are familiar with blogging, podcasts, Wikipedia and Twitter. Aren’t kids already familiar with all of these? The average primary-school child is… More Prepare for the war with the giant robotic bees