Paris, je t’aime

Ah, Paris. City of love. City of art. City of fashion. I’d like to see Paris for more than just the romance it inspires in people, though, or even the sense of history, art and culture that begins to feel overwhelming after a couple of hours in the Louvre. Paris must be so much more – there IS after all a Paris that most of us probably don’t see.

I’d like to see Paris the way the swish set see it.  

I’d start with a long, wine-filled lunch at Ducasse in the Hotel Plaza Athenee. Headed by Chef Alain Ducasse, I’ve heard that the food is excellent, as are the extremely luxurious surroundings. It is apparently one of the few restaurants where guests can create their own menu if they so desire, though I am unlikely to exercise that choice!

I’d then go and spend an hour at La Hune Librarie, a storehouse of books on design and art (including film and music) started by architect-designer Sylvain Dubuisson. I hope to add to my collection of coffee-table books there.  

Believe it or not, I still haven’t seen the Moulin Rouge, so that would be a must-see, touristy as it is. I know this sounds cheesy but the film reminded me of Bollywood (they even had a bit of a Hindi film song in it), and I’m a sucker for over-the-top productions of visual grandeur involving dance and music anyway.

Dinner would be at Les Bains, where this site recommends the Thai restaurant as a way to get in to the club that was formerly the site of Turkish baths. How exotic does that sound?!

The next day, I’d make an early trip to Versailles to see the Palace. One look at the image on the homepage will be one of the many reasons I’d love to go there, apart from the history that oozes out of it in cascades, of course. 

Finally, another plush lunch at Le Cinq in the Four Seasons. Just because. And because I love my food. 

I watched this movie a couple of years or so ago. You should watch it if you haven’t: Paris, je t’aime.

P.S: Full disclosure, this sudden ode to Paris is part of a competition to showcase Le Nouveau Paris. That apart, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn new things about a city I’m not as familiar with as I am with London.

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