Priyanka has a great summary here and here of Playful, which I went to as well last Friday, so this post won’t be a summary of the event – more an observation of the stuff that I liked from the event.


First, the Playful newspaper, which was put together by the Newspaper Club people, Russell and Ben. It had, among other things, bios of the speakers and a section next to them for notes, which I faithfully put to good use, as you can see above. Very neat idea.

Second, Wordr, which is a sort of one-word Twitter (uses the Twitter API). I like the fact that people make up words – that’s such a fun thing to do. I’ve invented ‘pluggy’ and ‘growlsome’ so far. Nonsensical to some  but meaningful to me!

I really really want to read Leila Johnston’s ‘Enemy of Chaos‘ now. She spoke at Interesting too and though I was keen on reading it then, I’m even more keen now. Sounds like exactly the kind of book I would fall off the chair laughing with. 

The Snowflake project from the! team looked really cool and I wish I had the chance to play with it when it was going on in January. Basically passers-by could tap their Oyster card on to the reader and see what kind of snowflake they were. Here’s a quick video that shows you what I mean. 

[Vimeo 2848870]

I was amazed when Robin Burkinshaw said that his project with the Sims 3, Alice and Kev, led to 16,000 people donating money to homeless charities. Quite an impact for a game. 

Russell’s talk on how pretending lends a whole new perspective to your world made me want to be a kid again. I also went and spent some time on Noticings on Flickr after his talk, a game for people who notice stuff around them. I’m always clicking pictures of random things so I really should give it a go. 

That’s about it for now.

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