My mate Justin has started a new project called Pixtories, ‘the very short stories behind photos’. All you need to do to be part of it is tweet a link to one of your favourite photos to @pixtories with (obviously) a 140-character description of it. Some of the photos on the site so far are… More Pixtories

Theory vs. Practice: Thoughts On The Netflix Prize

I always wondered whether the solution proposed by BellKor’s Pragmatic Chaos, the winners of the $1 million Netflix Prize would actually solve the company’s fundamental problem: that of making what we (at work) call the Next engine – the recommendations that come attached to your movie selections – work more effectively. This article, and the… More Theory vs. Practice: Thoughts On The Netflix Prize

Social Media in Business – October 23rd 2009

For all you social media folk in London, the Social Media in Business conference is something you should attend if you’d like to understand the strategy and execution behind social media campaigns. There are a bunch of very interesting speakers lined up including Eaon and Benjamin, with topics ranging from crowdsourcing and brand engagement to… More Social Media in Business – October 23rd 2009

The Past, Now

So Twitter is saving our tweets. And Songkick has added the ability to automatically pull in real-time tweets to a gig’s page. I was thinking that in the future our kids can read a direct, live-tweeted record of  important events of our time, like the Mumbai terror attacks, for example. Or at a more personal… More The Past, Now

Closing the circle

I’m reading Groundswell at the moment, and call it coincidental but I’ve had a couple of very positive experiences with brands this week that I’d like to share. One was Symantec, the people behind Norton Anti-Virus. Despite renewing my anti-virus protection a while ago, my computer kept notifying me that it was unprotected. Numerous attempts… More Closing the circle