Of course!

I really like the concept of these zip earphones. Whenever I want to listen to my iPod, I spend far too many minutes trying to unravel my knotted earphones. This is something that is so simple and so useful. One of those ‘Of course!’ moments that makes me think why no one thought of it… More Of course!

Thinking about India, technology and originality

I attended a talk at the RSA this week on the Many Avatars of the Indian Creative Mind. Two things stayed in my mind. One, with regard to the influence of English in a multilingual country like India, Nandan Nilekani, Co-Chairman of Infosys said that it basically created a level playing field. Because there are… More Thinking about India, technology and originality

The Donation Game

I saw this at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park a while ago. It’s a donation box with a twist (or many twists, to be precise). Essentially, it’s like one of those hand-held games where you try and get tiny silver balls to the other end of a case or box by slowly shaking it in the… More The Donation Game