The Israeli defence company’s ad that bombed

Israeli arms company Rafael really didn’t need to do this. First, the issue is arms, not a dating website, second the video is plain tacky. 

Before I continue with my rant, here’s some context: India buys a whole lot of missiles from Rafael, with defence deals amounting to about $1 billion a year. Rafael released this video ad recently with Israeli women dressed as Bollywood dancers and singing the most cheesy lyrics ever, ostensibly to ‘cement’ the relationship between the two countries. Sample this:

We have been together for long..trusting friends and partners..what more can I pledge to make our future strong?

Pardon me while I gag. 
Anyway, thankfully it hasn’t gone down well in the upper echelons of Parliament in India, and the Left wants the most recent deal to be cancelled outright. But the government is holding on because of other ‘crucial’ defence deals that are underway. 
What a wonderful web they weave…..

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