Roman Coppola directs Sebastien Tellier’s song ‘L’amour et la violence’

One thing I did not know about Roman Coppola (son of Francis Ford and brother of Sofia) is that he directed a few sequences of Love Actually, or so says Wikipedia. Anyway, I wanted to write about the music video he’s directed for Sebastien Tellier’s track ‘L’amour et la violence’. The video starts off focussing on the singer – for what seems like ages – then suddenly moves to shots of his Paris flat. But that’s it. No bigger focus of the video than the singer and his surroundings. You can either think it’s a bit too simplistic or that it’s very poetic.  

And the entire song is composed of these 4 lines:

Dit moi qu’est que tu penses?
de ma vie
du mon adolescence

dit moi qu’est que tu penses?
j’aime aussi l’amour et la violence

But the music, the music…is just beautiful. 

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