The real power of online communities

Neil Perkin over at Only Dead Fish gave a presentation at the IMM conference in Surrey recently on the topic of the power of online communities. To make it different, Mark Earls suggested that he get the content for the presentation from the online community themselves. After a few days of reaching out to people on Twitter, Neil was able to gather a number of slides (one from each person who was contributing), which he then edited and gave his own introduction and conclusion to so that the overall product was coherent. The final result is below. I’m glad to say I was part of this rather interesting experiment.

Neil said it went down well with the audience, so hurray for all of us who participated:

Jon, Charles, Jason, Willem, Will, David, Andrew, Facu, Stan, Sam, Katy, John, Gemma, Faris, Dan, Mark, Graeme, Jim, Mark, Ben , Niko, Simon, Ian, Andy, Eaon, Matt and me.

More power to the people, I say!

3 thoughts on “The real power of online communities

  1. Thanks Anjali. Happily I think it’s been a great success. And it seemed to go down very well on the day so all good. Thanks again for your contribution

  2. @neil My pleasure Neil. Hope to be able to contribute again to some of your projects in the future 🙂

    @Mil ha ha. didn’t want to be one of the many!!

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