Thinking about online advertising

I was sniffing away last week, recovering from the flu, when I noticed ads for Lemsip and Strepsils on TV. It was as if they were being shown just for my benefit. I was on Facebook later in the day and there I noticed an ad for Ugg Boots on my page, almost as if Facebook could read my mind and knew that they were something I’ve long been coveting. Even if TV ads are about seasonal products to match the weather (Google was clearly on to something with Flu Trends) and Facebook ads are about targeted ads to match your personality, I think you can look at the situation like this: advertising, thanks to technology, is becoming increasingly more intelligent in its deployment and online at least, is weeding out ads that we’d consider useless or spam. In other words, it is saving us time and mindspace. I find this quite interesting. However, every now and then I find myself wishing I saw something completely unexpected on screen. There need to be those WTF days that make you laugh out loud. Won’t advertising become expected and boring otherwise?

One thought on “Thinking about online advertising

  1. Anjali, you know what – I think only the people in the marketing and advertising business will miss non contextual ads 🙂

    There has been a lot of talk about Facebook Ads and how they don’t work, but personally I have found a lot of relevant messaging too.

    Don’t worry about the Wtf moments. Not all marketers will be able to define their TG anyway – courtesy them, we will still see a crazy ad, every now and then.

    Thank god for bad marketers huh!!

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