Harness the power of technology and community

A few weeks ago, Jonathan Harris of We Feel Fine fame gave a talk at the Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton. Many perceived it as controversial and he was deemed condescending and arrogant, because his words were thought to insinuate that most Flash work being produced today is not particularly noteworthy. 

He has sought to clarify his intentions on his blog, in a post that I think is as much worth reading as his concise and meaningful presentation. I completely identified with his main thesis, which is that we should all push ourselves to produce work that is meaningful and has a positive impact on people, and not work that is simply mechanical output. This is an idea that I am hearing more and more of, albeit in modified forms, from different corners as the days go by. 
An excerpt from Jonathan’s post:

I believe our medium – the online medium – has the potential to become the next great way of processing and expressing our world.  Some would say it has already reached this point, but I believe it still inhabits an awkward adolescence, with no real virtuosos and no real masterpieces, and that the only way for it to mature is for its leaders and practitioners to push themselves to make better work, which will, in turn, reach a larger and less insular audience.  If the work is purely technological, it will be less likely to reach this larger audience, for it won’t resonate with as many people.  If it connects on a more human level, on the level of ideas, it stands a better chance of touching people deeply and spreading widely, like a Toni Morrison novel or a Steven Spielberg movie.  My reasons for wanting all this are partly selfish – it is my medium and I want it to flourish – but also inherently communal, as rising tides raise all ships.

His entire presentation is here.

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