Hope and a little sugar

When I was at the Southbank Centre a couple of weeks ago on the eve of the announcement of the Booker prize, at an event where all the nominated authors were reading from their books, I overheard someone asking Steve Toltz, author of A Fraction of the Whole, asking him how many time he’d been rejected by publishers. 

He said, ’11’. 
She said, ‘I’m sure they must be kicking themselves now. 11 idiots’. 
He said, ‘No. I like to think of them as 11 angels. Also to be honest, the the first time I submitted the book to publishers, it was over a thousand pages long.’ (It’s down to 720 now).

I like to take heart from that story. The more I look for a job, the more I find my thoughts and opinions becoming clearer, better-informed and focussed. I guess there’s a reason.

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