Click click click

Interesting images I clicked today:

The window of Snatch, a small cafe chain in London. A nice way of putting the lunch-on-the-go idea into words.

The front window of a digital production company called Dead. Ominous name, and the fake flowers forming the word really looked like they were part of a funeral. Definitely creative, but I don’t know if I’d want to hire a company called ‘Dead’!!

Pizza Hut’s new avatar: Pasta Hut. Awful. A good example of re-branding to mess with the whole brand image. I thought it was a joke, but apparently all the signage is already being changed. Plus their website is also officially Pasta Hut!

One of the Levi’s butterflies that are part of the Live Unbuttoned campaign. I wasn’t the only one taking pictures. Clearly, it’s attracting people. 

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