Mommy, look what I threw out the window!

Rob at Nonsense London just sent me their latest work that features legendary strongman Geoff Capes. Take a look at it here:

He says: “When it comes to ideas for virals, we have a pretty simple test for if they’re any good; we just see which ideas we talk about most. Not while we’re actually “being creative”, but when we’re down the pub. Normally it’s a pretty good indicator that other people will talk about it too. It’s not something you can force though.  You have to avoid thinking about it if anything! We also think about which ones we’d bother writing about if we worked in the press. The Capesy viral was so stupid, it fitted both bills. It’s working so far; there’s a load of comments on the YouTube clip, and ITV Central News covered the shoot!”

Funny stuff, and in keeping with the sentiment that a video is only really viral if viewers spread it, go spread it now! By the way, Rob also said, “Geoff was an amazingly good sport. He even researched different throwing techniques by getting one of the shot putters he trains to throw a gymnast! And the guys themselves were awesome – we just picked our hardest mates!”

Ouch – I’m glad I wasn’t one of them!!

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