Harvest Twestival

So Harvest Twestival last night was super fun and very noisy. Some lucky people won things like an iPod Nano (no, not me…sigh!!!). Charlie Gower was nice enough to give me the ‘Wearing my Twitter T-shirt’ tee that he won, because it was the wrong size for him, so at least I got that – thanks Charlie! I was surprised to note that it was made by American Apparel, who apparently have an entire Twitter range over here. That’s a really impressive take-up of a social media site by a brand – and given my knowledge of the Twittersphere, I suspect that there will actually be a decent audience for it! There were tons of people at the Twestival that I follow on Twitter, so it was nice to finally put faces to names. 

I don’t think many people could hear it among the din, but Ben Walker, who I think has a really nice voice, also provided some entertainment by performing his Twitter song. It’s called ‘You’re no one if you’re not on Twitter’ (and it has some very funny lyrics!!). Listen to it here:

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