Progress is change

There’s a great article on competent and incompetent change agents, by Seth Godin on Fast Company, though it’s a bit dated. Read the full article here – it’s not as difficult to comprehend as it sounds. The part that resonated with me most, keeping in mind my current status:

In the face of change, some of us are becoing competent at zooming: our tool set includes the ability to move from opportunity to opportunity – doing the same thing, only differently. It’s the new breed of competents, of people who in another age may be labeled “incompetent”, who are going to lead us through the changes we encounter. Whom should we hire to become “zoomers”? Who are the people, and what are the companies that can take on new challenges, new opportunities?
Here’s the weird thing: I think that the incompetent among us are stars in the making. Not the folk who are incompetent because they can’t do any better. No, I mean the folks who had the option to become competent but chose to try something new.
The next time you review résumés, try ignoring all of the “perfectly qualified” applicants. In fact, disqualify everyone who is clearly competent to do the job at hand. Do what Southwest Airlines does: Don’t hire people with experience at another airline unless you’re sure they can unlearn what they learned at that other airline. “Competence” is too often another word for “bad attitude”. Instead, find the serial incompetents – the folks who are quick enough to master a task and restless enough to try something new. The zoomers. 
[Via PSFK]

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