Lighting up a crypt

Always on the search for the weird and wonderful (yes, I’m a bit quirky that way – who knows where creativity will come from?), I went to St.Pancras Church yesterday to take a look at the Illumini exhibition, where some pretty cool artwork by 14 artists, around the central theme of light, has been put up in the spooky and very exciting crypt. There’s something that makes you feel like you’re a character in a detective book when you go to places like that! Anyway, the exhibition was unlike anything I’ve seen recently and was well worth my time. It’s not a large space, and something about the dark recesses and uneven stone flooring gave it an altogether surreal look. My favourite was the lighted piece of Amy Winehouse by the curator of the exhibition, Jane Webb. Apparently it’s the only time that picture is going to be on display – it goes straight to the house of the singer-with-a-beehive-on-her-head when the exhibition is over, which is to say, today. So take a good look at it while you can:

Other interesting pieces were the sculpture of the human torso made out of recycled computer parts, and the LED lights that looked like candy on stands.  

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