McDonald’s Dollar Menunaire campaign

Apparently McDonald’s started their Dollar Menunaire web campaign last year, but I hadn’t heard of it till now (somebody tell me I’m not the only one). The latest episode of the web campaign is a parody of Big Brother, the reality show everybody loves to hate. In it, the protagonist, a slacker called Paul, moves into a reality game show house, and as he becomes the ‘cool’ one to the rest of the members in the house, he also tells the audience how to live on a non-existent budget. He mentions how cheap McDonald’s food is every now and then (i.e, how everyone can be a ‘dollar menunaire’) but surprisingly, it doesn’t sound as irritating as you’d think it would. Now I don’t know if I was seriously just unaware of this till now, but McDonald’s should be doing some better publicity for this. It’s amusing enough NOT to get on people’s nerves while selling the brand at the same time. The account director from Tribal DDB, the agency behind the campaign, said that it was meant to appeal to 18 to 34 year-olds looking to save money, who are fans of McDonald’s Dollar Menu.

One thought on “McDonald’s Dollar Menunaire campaign

  1. I love Paul and this whole advertizing for McDonald’s! Very, very funny and clever. Can we get more????????????

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