Web Trend Map 2008

Gotta love this one. Japanese firm Information Architects has created a Web Trend map for 2008, where they’ve plotted 300 of the most widely used websites on a train map of greater Tokyo. As they say themselves, there are quite a few insider jokes. Compare, for instance, what they say about the location of Google on the map, versus Microsoft:

The Center of the Center: Google in Tokyo

In terms of traffic, Tokyo station is the center of Tokyo. That’s why Google (which is slowly becoming a metaphor of the Internet itself) has moved from Shinjuku to Tokyo Station. Google continues to push new modules into the main lines in an attempt to occupy the center circle.

“I Got Four Words For Ya:” Microsoft in Shin-Okubo

Microsoft is in Shin-Okubo. I got four words for ya: “cheap,” “cheap,” “cheap,” and “cheap.”

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that the map’s been divided into zones such as ‘guts’, ‘brains’, ‘knowhow’ and ‘news’. Quite an interesting piece of work!

[via Visual Complexity and the VizThink blog]

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