Toilet paper with a twist

I was watching Friends for the umpteenth time on TV the other day and there was this bit where Joey mentioned ‘word of the day toilet paper’. And then I thought, what a brilliant idea is that! You’re stuck in one place, a captive audience, and most people usually look around for something to read then. How come we can’t buy something like that in a regular department store? Do toilet paper manufacturers have any idea how rolls that have interesting stuff printed on them would fly off the shelves?

Then I did some research. Apparently, it’s not just the ever-inventive Japanese that have it already. The option to order custom-made toilet paper does exist in the Western world. I’m certain though, that from a business point of view, making it easily available in a department store is not the same as having to order it online. You order gifts, mugs, cards even online, if they’re custom-made. Who orders toilet-paper?!!

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