Sony Vaio’s Online Script Project

I was intrigued by Sony Vaio’s Online Script Project with John Malkovich. It’s been in progress for a while now and was completed in May this year. John Malkovich, as part of his involvement with Vaio, wrote the introductory scene for this video, called Snow Angel. He then invited people to continue the story and chose three winning entries. Sony then worked with animator Laurie J Proud through digital agency Dare to bring the story to life. Cossette Communications (which owns Dare) has written up a comprehensive case study on it here. The idea was to “create a campaign that would feature a well-known, but enigmatic individual who embodies the unique spirit of VAIO. The intention was to create an online window into that person’s private world. The perfect person to fit the bill — none other than actor John Malkovich, a long-time VAIO user.”

I haven’t heard of other instances of Brand + Ambassador + User-Generated Content being deployed in this way. Have you?


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