Brain Tap Series: Interview 12 – George Bryant

I haven’t been blogging for a while – but what better way to get back to it than an interview with a very interesting person – in this case, George Bryant, who is part of the team that has launched the London office of Brooklyn Brothers, the New York-based advertising agency (or, as Campaign calls it, ‘hotshop’!) George was a former managing partner at AMV BBDO in London. Here are his answers:

The interview:

1. What is the most interesting job you’ve ever held and what lessons did you learn from it?

Honestly, the one I’m in now as partner in our own place. You learn once and for all that there’s no option but to be yourself, utterly reassuring and pretty scary.

2. What is the one ad campaign or event that made you wish you’d been a part of it, and why?

I wish I’d launched Cloverfield, the movie. Brilliant idea to keep the whole thing a secret and launch a trailer that no one had seen coming. I also loved Droga5’s Tap Project, the Simpsons film launch and the Brooklyn Brothers’ hip hop film for Fuse.

3. What is the Next Big Thing in media going to be?

The oldest of all – the power of people and the realization that there is no substitute for talking honestly to them.

4. Apart from the internet, what has the single most important creation of the media industry been in your lifetime and what impact has it had on your life so far?

Britart’s branding of paving stones.

(Anjali’s note: There’s a whole PDF about that here. Brilliant stuff. The campaign, by Mother, also won the D&AD Gold Award for Ambient Media in 2001)

5. If you could start a company of your own, what would it be like?

This one, but worse.

6. Name a website you think more people should be reading.

Their own.

7. What’s your life’s motto?

Manners cost you nothing.


Thanks a ton, George. I appreciate the time you’ve taken over this!

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