A day in East London

I spent most of today walking around East London and immersing myself in the vibe of the area. I lived there 5 years ago and can feel the change that’s come about while I was away. It’s undergone a complete transformation and as this article says, that general area is now home to quite a few creative firms.

Anyway, one of the interesting places I went to was a gallery called the Concrete Hermit. They are currently exhibiting works by Kate McMorrine and Alec Strang, titled ‘More of Less’. Some of their art is really weird, like this:

But I also discovered some pretty cool books, magazines, leaflets and other stuff, like Rojo magazine, Creative Review, Pictures of Walls and Islands Fold. Probably all well-known to creatives, but not to me, and I was enthralled.

Then I managed to give the Esther Stocker exhibition at Museum 52 a quick look. I’d say you can give it a miss, because it is mostly one room with this as its centerpiece:

It’s meant to be ‘an abstract composition in space’, and that it certainly is. I liked it, but for about 2 minutes.

The best part was the V&A Museum of Childhood. I was motivated to go there after I read Charlie Gower’s post about his visit there recently. Their current exhibition of Olympic posters through the ages is really worth looking at. I was amused to see this one which was part of the collection for the German Olympics in 1936, which roughly translates to ‘a call to the youth of the world’ (thanks, freetranslation.com). It is meant to be a take on the influence of branding and corporate sponsorship at the Olympics.

I also loved this quote by Plato that I noticed there:

So true.

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