Le Meridien: Wooing guests in style

Le Meridien has created Moodboard, which allows users to select an image from the site that reflects their mood, and then throws up destinations that reflect that ‘canvas’, as they call it. It then takes you to the site of a specific hotel in that destination and allows you to book your stay there, and provides details of its location, things to do there and special offers. Unsurprisingly, since by now almost everyone has wised up to the importance of reaching out to customers via social media, I noted that they also have a Facebook group.

But I like what they’re doing. They’ve started a programme called Unlock Art, which allows guests to collect special keys commissioned by contemporary artists that provide entry to cultural centres near some of their hotels. They also have the LM100, a group of artists and visionaries who help enhance the experience at Le Meridien hotels.

I don’t know how many international hotel chains are going all out to carve a niche for themselves and truly offer that extra something to their guests, but Le Meridien is certainly innovating in ways that I haven’t really heard other hotels doing. Good for them.


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