The Brain Tap Series: Interview 10 – Faris Yakob

Faris Yakob is a Digital Ninja (he’s lucky enough to be able to give himself a job title he likes!) at Naked Communications in New York, and pretty well-known around the ad blogosphere (adosphere??!!). I got him to answer 7 questions – some familiar to readers of this blog, some not, but in any case, the answers are all intriguing. Here’s what he said:

The interview:

1. What is the most interesting job you’ve ever held and what lessons did you learn from it?

Management Consultant / You don’t need to work in an industry to have an opinion about how it works
Writer at Maxim Magazine / The photoshoots are never held in the office
Promo dude at record label / If your boss makes the tea, he is also going to be a great boss
Digital Ninja at Naked / If you get to pick your own title, you are likely to be happy in your work

2. What is the one ad campaign or event that made you wish you’d been a part of it, and why?

It’s too hard to think of one big thing – here’s loads of little ones.

TV ad: Kia Ora’s I’ll be your dog spot is the only thing I remember before the age of 14.

Other TV ad: Gondry’s Smirnoff ad – The only thing I remember from my teenage years.

Thing: Guinness Book of World Records – best selling book in the world after the bible [probably] is branded content utility culture making awesomeness.

Intergame: NIN Year Zero, due to the sheer scale of its ambition.

Web Balloon Race: The Orange Internet Balloon Race.

Print Ad: ‘If you’re driving’ by Howard Gossage.

Radio spot: The last Hamlet ad [Slightly industry indulgent but still]

3. What is the Next Big Thing in media going to be?

I’m not sure what this means. But the next big thing in the world is going to be end merging of the web and the world – real world meta tagging, augmented reality, hyperconnectivity.

4. Apart from the internet, what has the single most important creation of the media industry been in your lifetime and what impact has it had on your life so far?

Language. Words are where I live.

5. If you could start a company of your own, what would it be like?

It would own proprietary technology that Google wants to buy.

6. Name one website you think more people should be going to (apart from your blog!!). Why do you like it? It’s good because I do nothing for charity, but loads of my friends seem to do stuff worth sponsoring, so I can assuage my guilt with e-payments.

7. What’s your life’s motto?

Talent Imitates, Genius Steals


A rocking set of answers! Thanks, Faris!


One thought on “The Brain Tap Series: Interview 10 – Faris Yakob

  1. Good stuff, always nice to hear from Faris.

    I read somewhere that John Webster was responsible for the I’ll be your dog ad. Which makes me happy.

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