Starting up and spinning vox

One of the reasons I like hearing about start-ups is because of the wealth of ideas they are founded on that I get to hear about. Having worked with one myself, I understand the amount of creativity, effort and multi-tasking that is required to make it succeed. First, the more ideas you have in a start-up, the more you’ll be listened to, because of the (initially) small number of people involved and their greater appetite for risk. They started small, so they’re willing to see if your ideas will make them bigger. Second, personal relationships – with fellow workers, clients and even the public – count. Start-ups have no built-up reputation to count on, and the faces of the company will, in effect, BE their reputation. And third, in a start-up, don’t stick to what you are supposed to do. Great ideas never originated from those treading the already-trodden path.

James Whatley is a great example of my second point. At SpinVox, he blogs and evangelises for his company, and SpinVox reaps the benefits of his vast social network.

Anyway, I wanted to mention StandByWhatYouSay which is a project that SpinVox has been working on with MTV. SpinVox basically converts spoken words into text, and through StandByWhatYouSay, the aim is to raise awareness and support for AIDS victims, by encouraging people to speak about their experiences and thoughts. It’s a great use of technology.

On a random note, I’m thinking about the possible existence of ‘blogcasting’ soon. First, there was writing, and a few publishers for writers. Then there was the internet, and everyone became an author and a publisher. And now, all you need to do is speak, and the act of physically writing a blog can also become redundant. Or won’t it?

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