The Brain Tap Series: Interview 7 – Amelia Torode

Say hello to this week’s guest on the Brain Tap series: Amelia Torode is a Partner and Head of Digital Strategy at VCCP. She can also lay claim to being one of the very first WPP Marketing Fellows, was a Partner at Ogilvy Interactive in New York and Strategy Director of Naked London earlier in her career. She is an avid blogger herself, when she gets time in between pitches and the general madness of agency life, that is! She’s one of the first few people in London I met who work in the field and gave me some solid advice, which I religiously followed. What I like best about her is her openness and willingness to help – I’m glad I met her.

The interview:

1. What is the most interesting job you’ve ever held and what lessons did you learn from it that help you in your current role?

The most interesting job I have ever had is probably the one that I have at the moment. I am one of 6 people running the London office of VCCP, but I am also head of digital strategy. I also do a lot of communications planning across the VCCP group, bringing together experiential, direct, PR and brand identity. I am very lucky as I have a huge amount of autonomy and responsibility and some incredible clients like 02 and the Olympics.

2. Do you think that creativity=innovation?

What is creativity?

That’s a good question. Of course its about innovation, but true creativity to me is about tapping into needs, finding new ways of approaching problems and not being afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Maybe creativity is learning the art of failing forward.

3. What is the one ad campaign or event that made you take two steps back and go ‘Wow!’, and why is it better than others?

What are the ad campaigns or events that just make me go *wow*? Well, there are a lot of the all time ad classics like the VW Bernbach ads, classic Levi 501 work, Apple Revolution and the latest iPod ad, but more recently I thought that the 118 runners were one of the most effective and creative uses of comms, I loved Cadbury’s Gorilla though don’t think its a campaign, Dove Real Beauty was brilliant although I know people knock it now. Nike Run London is a great example of how digital can enhance reality. I also think that the rebranding of the dome to The 02 is one of the most creative pieces of marketing that I have seen for a long time and I am not just saying that because we did it at VCCP, honest!

Thanks for being a part of this, Amelia!


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