The world at your fingertips

I met James Body, Research Director at Truphone last week at Tuttle Club. One of the reasons I go to all these events is to find out about new and emerging technologies, and where relevant, how agencies can channel them to a client’s benefit. I recently read about Rebecca’s trip around the world as a Skype Nomad, for example. Rebecca, who works with integrated agency Albion London, spent 33 days going around the world as part of the Skype challenge to show that it is now mobile. (Oh, how I envy her!!).

Anyway, Truphone is a free software that is somewhat similar to Skype in that it offers free WiFi to WiFi calls worldwide, as well as internet calls to mobiles and landlines at cheap rates. They even offer the ability to call people from your Facebook page once you install the Truphone ‘Call Me’ button on your profile, and the option to call your Google Talk friends for free, which all sounds rather cool.

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