UK Brand Tags!

Noah Brier’s Brand Tags is old news now, but he’s created a UK version of it as well, here. UK brand people, if you want to while away some time in a vaguely useful way, head there.

I think Brand Tags in general is an interesting project because apart from putting in your own brand associations, you can see what the most common associations with different brands are based on what tags are most common (Nike is ‘overhyped’, I believe – WHAAAATTTT!!!!!!), guess the brand based on tags (I was way out of the field for some of them – apparently the most common tag for ‘vodka’ is Smirnoff and not Absolut!!), and the most popular tags by referrer.

I believe that brands are a reflection of our culture in some way, and this is a nice way of gauging the mood of people with regard to individual ones. I don’t know how accurate it is – the most common tag for Apple is ‘it’ (????? – unless the reference is to Apple being the ultimate brand people want to own and therefore ‘It’, with a capital I?), and I’d also like to know how many people have used the site so far so I have an idea of how representative it is, but for now, it’s a fun way of exploring brands. Most tags must be more accurate than Apple being ‘It’, after all!


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