The Japanese art of Mobile Advertising

I first heard about this over a month ago at a SheSays event but it came up again in a discussion while I was at the Laptopdance event organised by RMM London last week. I thought I’d put it up here so that people who haven’t heard of it already can see what it’s about. It’s really pretty cool.

Tohato is a Japanese brand of snack foods which recruited advertising agency Hakuhodo to come up with a campaign to create more buzz around the product. The video is pretty self-explanatory – the product has codes on the back of its packets, which are used to enter a mobile game. Users can be members of either of two groups, named after the different kinds of snacks – “Tyrant Habanero Burning Hell Hot” and “Satan Jorquia Bazooka Deadly Hot” (Japanese wording all the way, baby, but those guys rock with their use of technology, you have to admit!!). They can also recruit friends into their armies and throughout the day, keep checking on their mobiles to see what the status of the ‘war’ is. The entire campaign was tremendously successful, also picking up a Yellow Pencil (awarded for creative excellence) at the D&AD awards earlier this year.

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