The Brain Tap Series: Interview 5 – Chris Hambly

I’ve created a new set of questions for this week’s interviewee of the Brain Tap Series, just to change it around a bit.

Chris Hambly is a Web Strategist and Educational Technologist and is Founder and Director of, which provides online music production courses. His Facebook page (he has a public profile) has a list of other sites where you can find him online, so if you’re a member of Facebook, go and say hi to him. I met Chris at Media Camp Bucks a couple of weeks ago, though I’ve been in touch with him for a while through everyone’s favourite 140-character messaging site, Twitter. He’s a good bloke 🙂

The interview:

1. What is the most interesting job you’ve ever held and what lessons did you learn from it that you’ve been able to apply to what you do now?

The Royal Navy – yup, not a lot of people may associate me with being in the military, however I was. During my teenage years I was a helicopter technician working on the electronics and communications systems, keeping the things flying at very unsociable hours, and operating on the back of a ship in crazy weather conditions. I can honestly say that no job has ever carried quite so much responsibility or accountability as that did – every little detail of work would have to be signed for and able to stand up in a court of law. I obtained good social skills in how to work and live with widely differing people from disparate backgrounds under stressing conditions, how not to complain but instead get on with it, and how to view the bigger picture. I’d recommend a spell for anyone, though I was glad to leave. Not sure if it was the most interesting, but certainly taught me some fantastic life skills – I had to grow up quickly.

2. Does creativity=innovation, according to you? What companies/brands can claim to be really innovative and creative today? (you can’t mention Google!)

Tough question! No, I typically associate innovation with some form of change in processes or production, more like innovative uses of creative ideas. Creativity on the other hand is the “seed” or the first creation, the idea of something, the stuff that comes out of an artist’s brush, the innovation would be creating a series of paintings around that art theme.

Coca-Cola with Crayon showed great innovation in their Virtual Thirst campaign, see below.

3. What is the one ad campaign or event that made you take two steps back and go ‘Wow!’ and why?

Hmm, this might sound a little self-promo-like but I actually really admired the ad campaign I was part of with Coca-Cola in SecondLife. The basic premise was to “engage” the community by including them in a realisation of what a “virtual thirst” is. Three prototypes were built as “thought producers”, one of which was mine, and the SecondLife community were then able to enter into a competition to build the official Coca-Cola presence in SecondLife. This campaign really captured the minds of the early adopters of Web2.0, a video of my creation is here:

(Anjali’s note: More about what Chris did for the campaign here.)

Thanks, Chris! And thank you all for coming by!

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