Another brilliant Tuttle Club get-together this morning. I met Walid Al Saqqaf who co-founded TrustedPlaces, and had a nice chat about the start-up. TrustedPlaces is a site that you can go to for recommendations on the best places to eat, drink and party all over the UK. What’s unique about it is that it gives recommendations based on feedback from other people like you who have visited these places and rated it, and it also takes your interests into account, by asking you to rate different images of food when you sign up. So if you hate McDonald’s, its not going to show any fast-food kind of places, and if you are trying to find a place in Notting Hill that plays jazz in the evenings and serves excellent cocktails, then it can find that kind of place for you! Its a kind of Yelp-meets-TripAdvisor-meets-OpenTable kind of site (in the UK, that would be ‘meets TopTable‘ instead of OpenTable – my US experience keeps coming into play, I know – and apparently they actually do collaborate with TopTable on TrustedPlaces).

I know I’m going to refer to it a lot, because you know the primary issue when you’re making a plan to meet friends: ‘OK, so where do you want to meet?’ And there starts a boring discussion. With the help of TrustedPlaces, you can put an end to those long-drawn conversations and find places quickly that you’ll actually like!

For those of you not in the UK, there are plans to take it to Europe and the US at some point, hopefully soon.


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