Quotable quotes from the Social Media discussion video at PSFK Conference New York 2008

I just watched the video of the Social Media discussion at the PSFK Conference New York 2008. The participants were Josh Spear (Undercurrent), Noah Brier (Naked and Likemind), Marc Schiller (Electric Artists) and Steve Rubel (Edelman). The most interesting quotes to me I’m putting down here for future reference because I think some of them are very quotable. Some of them may only make sense to you if you listen to the whole thing, so maybe you should. The words in brackets are my paraphrased additions.

I was also amused to note that PSFK referred to Mahalo as ‘Mulhullo’ in their transcription 🙂

1. Steve: The media overall has become social, and the social has become media.

2. Marc: Don’t think all media is still social media. There’s a lot of locked content, (some people) don’t have the mind set to tap into this concept of sharing.

3. Josh: Data portability is needed at this point. That you can’t export from Facebook is such an old school way of doing things.

4. Marc: Great content will always rise above.

5. Josh: Middle America drives YouTube. (while referring to the bad content amongst the Top 10 videos in YouTube that he checks regularly).

6. Marc: The problem is when a brand thinks social media is Facebook.

7. Noah: Now (brands) have to act like people at a party. If you’re not interesting or loud and obnoxious, no one’s gonna talk to you. Now it’s like that online.

8. Josh: I disagree about waiting and experimenting. Pick a strategy and execute on it. The time for dipping a toe is over.

9. Steve: The website’s dead. It’s not about websites. It’s about web services. Entering the cut and paste web. Might be Facebook, might be Google. If you’re not building an armada of where your content can go – there’s 45 ways now and no standards – you have to go where the audience is.

10. Josh: Being on the internet’s hard work.


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