The Brain Tap Series: Interview 4 – Richard Huntington

I am very happy to present this week’s interviewee for the Brain Tap series. Anyone remotely related to the ad world will be familiar with his name – his was one of the first blogs I started to read when I was developing my interest in the media field, and I still read it faithfully. Richard Huntington is Director of Strategy at Saatchi & Saatchi in the UK and former Planning Director at HHCL and United London. Adliterate, his blog, is ‘dedicated to providing radical thinking for the brand advice business’, but more importantly for me, aims to be deliberately provocative. (I like things that do that). I enjoyed interacting with him on this because obviously he has a huge range of experience to draw on, and that reflects in his answers.

The interview:

1. Which is your all-time favorite ad and what do you think makes it work?

There are loads of pieces of work I could talk about, and alot of it is recent stuff – Experience from Old Spice, Gorilla from Cadbury’s, Cake from Skoda, Low Ego Emissions from VW Passat. But I am going to go retro and plump for the Fiat Strada ad from 1979. I love the idea – that the new Fiat Strada has been hand built by robots. I love the length of the ad. I love the way they shot the final sequence on the roof top test track. I love the craft. I love the use of music. And I love they way that an absolutely average car looks so great when you show a group of them. Sure its a visual feast but with a point.

2. What do you think the Next Big Thing in media is going to be?

I have no idea what the next big thing in media is going to be. And I have very little interest. Because the next big thing will have little permanence. Remember when brands were falling over themselves to build a presence in second life? I’m more interested in brilliant brand and creative ideas that can work anyplace the brand and people meet.

3. If your life could be described by a colour, what colour would that be and why?

Hmmmm. Black probably. My nickname at HHCL was Camp Dracula. Black is uncompromising, intimidating and hides a multitude of sins.


A big Thank You to Richard for this. See you all later!

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