The new world of film publicity

I was at Leicester Square a while ago as the world premiere of the Sex and the City movie was happening. I barely caught a glimpse of the cast, among the throng of people populating the area, and continue to be amazed at the cult following the series has drummed up over the years – a following that four years after the series ended, is faithfully tracking the famous quartet as they venture on to the big screen.

Anyway, I took a look at the film’s website and think it is easily one of the best-coordinated efforts by a film’s publicity team of late. It has a widget, a blog, and a quiz for fans, apart from the usual trailer, soundtrack and downloads. The blog even has a link to a webcam that was streaming the premiere as it happened.

Recently, I read about Iron Man’s Second Life contest as well. The film’s site has links to a Facebook page, MySpace page, a fan art page and a widget, among other things. Thanks to new social media platforms, these films are reaching out to their fans in altogether unexplored ways. The bar has officially been raised for film publicity campaigns.

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