Oxfam’s advertising turnaround

A few years ago (let’s not divulge how many…hahaha), I was a student in London. Full of idealism, one of my ideal places to work was Oxfam. But strangely enough, there was nothing much that really motivated me to want to work there other than the IDEA of a big, international nonprofit. Anyway, today I caught the latest Oxfam advertising video on TV and was intrigued at the way they have changed their mode of getting the attention of the public. Five years ago, you knew Oxfam only if you were involved in the field or maybe if you were accosted by campaigners on the street. Today, I see Oxfam ‘Be Humankind’ posters in tube stations and their ads on TV. Obviously, things have changed, and in a reasonably big way. Advertising agency RKCR came up with this campaign because Oxfam wanted people to “take a fresh look at the Oxfam they think they already know”. Chock-a-block full of animation, the ad caught my attention because I know that for a non-profit, it is a completely different way of approaching the public. And if Oxfam gets a few thousand – perhaps even a few million – people to notice them because of that, their work is done…isn’t it?

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