The Brain Tap Series: Interview 2 – Jamie Coomber

Continuing with the Brain Tap interview series, this week we have Jamie Coomber answering my mini-interview.

Jamie is a Digital Strategist at Profero, a ‘unique, global marketing agency that delivers extraordinary consumer experiences.’ She has over 8 years of experience in new media. I first met Jamie a few weeks ago at a She Says event. She struck me immediately as a very social person with tremendous energy! Jamie is also joint host of Likemind London, and a trend hunter for Trend Hunter magazine. In 2007, she won a Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes.

The interview:

1. Which is your all-time favourite ad and what do you think makes it work?

I can’t think of a favourite ad, to be honest, as it is becoming increasingly harder to offer rewards through a single ad. However, a campaign that I loved was Diesel’s Fallen Angels as they were one of the first to truly get the user involved within their campaign. The campaign ran two years ago but they still used all the mediums well (blogs, videos, ads and a website). You can find more information here and here.

(Anjali’s note: I did some further online scouting and found this from the IAB Creative Showcase site where the campaign won first place in September 2006. It looks like Diesel has removed a lot of the direct links though, strangely – still, a lot can be gleaned from the sites linked here.)

2. What do you think the Next Big Thing in media is going to be?

The freedom of conversation – brands only tap in if they are very polite and offer something of value to the user in exchange.

3. If your life could be described by a colour, what colour would that be and why?

In all honesty, black. I know some say it’s not a colour, but I wear a lot of it and it doesn’t flinch when you throw something shocking into the mix.


Thanks, Jamie! Stay tuned for next week’s interview, folks!


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