YouTube goes one step higher

This had to happen sooner or later. Apple’s SDK has now been released (to some criticism), but the latest is that YouTube is now expanding its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow more direct access to the service. This means that it is no longer just a place to go to upload videos, but a place to go to get videos to use in other applications. This article mentions one such example, Songza, which essentially uses the audio part of YouTube’s services without the video. This is the first I’d heard of it – Songza hasn’t been doing any advertising, clearly.

Looks like YouTube is expanding from being more of a social thing where people share videos, to a slick business proposition. Think about it: if you use its services, you’re soon looking at being dependent on it, and voila – their goal is reached.

A good example of something that started out as a social media outlet evolving into something higher.

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