Hulu available online to all for free!

So has anyone tried Hulu out yet? It opened its doors to the public today, and it is really cool that you can watch movies like The Usual Suspects, The Big Lebowski, Ice Age and tons more, as well as popular TV serials like House, Family Guy and The Simpsons…all for free!!!! I know people who will totally freak out on it. One criticism (if you can call it that) is that since it is a partnership with NBC Universal and Fox, content from ABC and CBS isn’t available yet. I’m sure they will cross that hurdle soon. Meanwhile, there is more than enough for the viewer to enjoy.

Hulu was in beta mode from October last year till yesterday, to invitees only. Some people call it a YouTube competitor because it offers free videos online, except that its content is professional and you and I can’t just upload anything we want on it. That alone makes it so different from YouTube that it is silly to use the word ‘competitor’, if you ask me. YouTube thrives on its ability to let any user upload any sort of video they want.

But back to Hulu, I think the viewing quality is great, and they have some really good shows up. Go watch!

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